Harvard CIO Council

About the Council

Purpose Statement

To lead and advance university-wide IT strategies, policies, and standards, and to support the missions of both the individual schools and the University.



We aspire to empower the Harvard community through technology that enables:

Effortless access

Rapid and profound innovation

Seamless collaboration

Delivering on Harvard's IT Vision

Watch the 2012 video that set Harvard's IT Vision.

See the Strategic Plan and the top initiatives for the CIO Council.

VISION STATEMENT: By 2015, the Harvard CIO Council is widely recognized across Harvard and peer institutions as a leadership team for the practice of technology in higher education.

CORE VALUES: Team Oriented, Results Oriented, Creative, Open-Minded, and Respectful with a sense of humor


  • Leadership from the UCIO
  • Commitment from the members of the CIO Council
  • A clearly articulated technology strategy
  • Clear and measurable goals each year
  • Clear Modus Operandi (MO)

OPERATING PROCEDURES: Meetings: The CIO Council will meet every other Monday from 2 - 3:30PM. Meetings will be organized by the UCIO, who will provide an agenda and any other relevant documentation in advance of the meeting; links to the agenda and meeting materials will be on the CIO Council web pages.

CIO Council members' delegates are only allowed on an exception basis and if fully empowered to represent the School. Any substitutions must be pre-approved by the UCIO.

The Council will be flexible with additional meetings to accommodate urgent items (or walk-ons) as needed.

Working Groups:

  • We will be forming working groups around key issues and priorities.
  • Each working group will be chaired by a member of the CIO Council.
  • Each working group should have a clear charge and deliverables.
  • Membership on these working groups will include staff from throughout the University.
  • Staffing support will be provided for these working groups.