Faculty and Staff

Follow these step-by-step instructions for getting setup with IT at Harvard.

Questions about connecting your devices--or anything else about IT at Harvard? Check out the FAQ.


Pick up your Harvard ID (HUID)

Your ID card and 8-digit HUID number provide access to Harvard buildings, facilities, and resources:

Campus Service Center, Smith Campus Center 807, 496-7827



Establish a Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Your PIN serves as a password for your HUID, and lets you access authorized Harvard websites, on-line applications, and other IT resources:

pin.harvard.edu, or 496-9001


New Account

Set up your Account


For members of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS), your FAS account lets you log in to your computer, email, and departmental file shares.

Go to accounts.fas.harvard.edu
Select “Create a New Account.”

After the confirmation page, follow the link to set up your account security questions.  These will let you reset your password in case you forget it.


Contact the HUIT Service Desk for account creation: ithelp@harvard.edu or 617-495-7777

Central Administration, HDS, HGSE, HGSD, HSPH, Radcliffe

If you do not already have a Harvard email account (Office 365), ask your department representative to submit an online request form on your behalf. 

Other Harvard Schools

 Check with IT at your School for support.


Register with MessageMe

MessageMe lets Harvard contact you quickly in an emergency.

Register to receive voice, text, or email alerts: messageme.harvard.edu



Verify your Directory Listing

Verify your personal information in PeopleSoft.

Also, update your online directory listing and privacy settings. directory.harvard.edu is a public listing.

connections.harvard.edu is viewable only to the Harvard community.

For FAS faculty and staff, also review your listing at fas.harvard.edu/directory



Access your FAS Email and Calendar

Choose either:
a)    Microsoft Outlook on your computer or
b)    Outlook Web App (OWA): fasmail.harvard.edu, enter fas_domain\your_username at the login prompt.



Set up Voicemail

If you do not have a phone or voicemail, contact your department administrator.

To set up voicemail, call 495‑8168 and press #.

Your ID is typically the last 5 digits of your phone number, and your initial PIN is the full 7 digits.

To have your messages delivered as email, send a request to huit‑telecom@harvard.edu.



Connect to Harvard's Wireless Network

 Connect to one of the wireless networks (SSIDs) listed below and open a web browser. If you see a blank page, go to autoreg.harvard.edu and follow the steps outlined to register your computer onto the network.

For more information, see wireless.harvard.edu

Harvard Help

Informational guide to connecting to Harvard's wireless networks

Harvard Secure

Recommended: secure wireless service (encrypted)

Harvard University

Unencrypted wireless service

Harvard Guest

Wireless service for non-Harvard affiliates (unencrypted)


Secure global access for research and education member institutions

NOTE: Personal Wi-Fi / wireless routers are not allowed on Harvard's networks.  Additionally, Wireless Printers may not work on Harvard's network and should be connected directly to a network data jack.