InnovationIn collaboration with Harvard's CIO Council, we are helping build tools to transform how you work, teach, and learn at Harvard.

Strategic Initiatives


Student Information System (SIS)

Imagine a simple, universal system to find courses, register for classes, and check your grades. The Student Information System project aims to make it easier for students, faculty, and advisors to access the information they need.

Project Lead: Jason Shaffner


Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT)

TLT provides a set of core technologies to support teaching and learning across Harvard University, with the ability to expand this core with custom components.

Project LeadKristin Sullivan


Identity and Access Management (IAM)

One password to remember, one login that works everywhere at Harvard. The Identity and Access Management initiative aims to improve how users get access to resources both hosted within Harvard and by our closest partners.

Project LeadJason Snyder