FAS Technology Renewal, at Science Center, Hall B, Thursday, June 25, 2015

For IT at Harvard, FY16 can be summarized by one word: Delivery. 

HUIT will deploy many new technologies this year, from Canvas to my.harvard to HarvardKey.

From the simplest things like registering for courses and grading student assignments to the most fundamental ways we communicate with one another by phone and email—we are making improvements. And it is all happening this year. Collectively we are calling these programs FAS Technology Renewal. 

The Process of Communication, A Practical Guide for Project Managers, at Harvard IT Summit, Thursday, June 4, 2015

Communication is not about knowing the process. Communication is about managing the process. A successful project manager communicates effectively by setting and managing expectations throughout the lifecycle of a project and, by doing so, creates redundancy in a fluid industry. The importance of a simple and redundant communication framework cannot be overstated. Referencing his book, The Process of Communication, the speaker will outline a clear and concise communication plan that can overlay any production methodology.