Connecting the Dots: Moving Harvard to the Cloud, Enterprise Architecture, and ITCRB Update Wednesday, December 7, 2016:

Moving Harvard to the Cloud

At the most recent Connecting the Dots event, Jason Snyder, Chief Technology Officer, and Erica Bradshaw, Director of Enterprise Engineering, shared the new vision and plan with representatives from HUIT and the larger Harvard Community.

The Football Players Health Study (FPHS) at Harvard – Informatics Platform, at Harvard IT Summit, Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The FPHS is a long running research study including many different research protocols. The study includes former NFL football players as the key subjects. In this presentation, we will describe the scope of research, the variety of data collection methods, and the security controls being put in place in our partnership with the HMS IT team. More information about the study as a whole can be found at

Saving Our Social Media, at Harvard IT Summit, Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Arab Spring demonstrated that social media is not just about cat videos; it can be a force for change. There will be a huge gap in the historical record if we don’t save our social media. This presentation will cover reasons and methods for saving social media, as well as how we need to preserve the context and form of social media so it will make sense to researchers of the future.

Lightbox Gallery: Experimental and Collaborative Spaces at the Harvard Art Museums, at Harvard IT Summit, Thursday, June 2, 2016

In November 2014, the Harvard Art Museums opened the Lightbox Gallery in its new facility at 32 Quincy Street. The Lightbox is a multipurpose venue – a space for experiments with technology, collections data, and digital projects in collaboration with campus partners (metaLAB, Center for Astrophysics) and visiting artists. It is a public venue for research and development. This session will outline the technical and programmatic operation of the Lightbox from November 2014 through May 2016.

Building a Culture of UX: Stories from the User Research Center, at Harvard IT Summit, Thursday, June 2, 2016

Creating a culture of UX involves more than just running the occasional usability test with your co-workers. You need to consider the user’s needs and expectations throughout the entire process. At the User Research Center at Harvard Library, we’re working with staff to provide equipment and support for integrating UX into projects at Harvard. We are building this knowledge through training sessions and live demos to expose staff to the powerful insights UX research provides.