Email & Calendars

Access your Harvard account or send large encrypted files with Secure File Transfer. 

@College Email

Email, GMail, Student GMail.

@mail.harvard Email

Email mailbox with integrated calendar Email

Email mailbox with online tools for collaboration and communication

Office 365 Email & Calendar

The Exchange Online email and calendaring component of the Microsoft Office 365 suite of services, known in Harvard as Office 365 Email & Calendar.

FAS Mail

FAS Exchange, IRIS, EMail

The FAS Mailing List Service (using Mailman)

This service allows list subscribers and owners to use and manage a robust bulk mailing platform using a web interface or by sending email-based commands.


University Email Services, Integrated Communications with Exchange, Exchange, Email, HDS Email

CALists Mailing Lists

Mailing lists services to create email lists to distribute announcements or host discussions

Secure File Transfer

Accellion, Large File Transfer, Secure File Transfer