Video Conferencing

Also known as: Movi, Telepresence.


Audio and video web conferencing and teleconferencing systems.

Key Features and Benefits

Video Conferencing and Telepresence systems - Cisco Telepresence conference systems are in place at most schools and locations.

  • Scheduled through your school's Media Group or through the HUIT Service Desk
  • Assistance available to support interoperability with older phone sets and systems
  • HUIT assistance provided for schools with purchase and installation of systems

Desktop Video Conferencing

  • Supported through the Cisco Jabber system
  • Available on your personal Macintosh or Windows computer
  • Can connect to other computers or room-based video conference systems

Video-Conferencing equipped classrooms and meeting rooms

  • Fee-for-service video conference rooms at FAS locations
  • TelePresence-equipped rooms at other locations on campus, including Allston and LMA
  • Rooms managed locally


Available To

All Harvard schools and departments

Requirements and Limitations

Customers should:

  • Schedule videoconference rooms in advance; recommended lead-time is two weeks; certain high-demand times, such as Commencement, may require longer planning.
  • Provide all pertinent video call information to all conference participants.


FAS academic use:  No charge

All others: fees vary by location