Lesley University

Lesley UniversityIf you are a student, faculty, or staff member at Lesley University, you may purchase a full range of computer products from Harvard University's Technology Products and Services. You will enjoy educational pricing plus other savings and benefits available to members of the Harvard community. See eligibility chart or call 617-495-5450 for more information; Lesley University orders must be called in and cannot be placed online. Contact us at 617-495-5450, Monday-Friday, 9 am-5 pm.

Most of the procedures and policies for members of Lesley are the same as those for Harvard students, faculty, and staff. However, the following policies are specific to Lesley.

Use Information Technology as your primary information resource If you need information or technical assistance before making a purchase through Harvard, your first point of contact should be Information Technology at Lesley.

    • Call Information Technology at 617-349-8770
    • Visit the Information Technology Web site at www.lesley.edu/it
    • Send e-mail to it@lesley.edu
    • Visit our offices at: 815 Somerville Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140
    • Information Technology's office hours are Monday to Friday, 9 am and 5 pm
    • Personal orders vs. institutional orders If you are buying products with personal funds, you can order directly through Harvard by calling 617-495-5450; Lesley University orders can not be placed online. If you are ordering products for institutional use, to be paid with institutional funds, place your order through the Information Technology at Lesley.

A Lesley ID number is required You will need to provide a Lesley ID number when you order equipment. You will need a Lesley ID and a second form of picture ID when you pick up your order at Technology Products and Services located at 28 Travis Street in Allston (next to Swiss Bakers).