Academic Technology Advisory Board


Representing a broader constituency at each member’s home School or unit, each ATAB member will provide input and guidance regarding objectives, methods, and priorities set by HUIT’s Academic Technology organization. ATAB is composed of key academic technology stakeholders at each Harvard school as well as other teaching and learning partners.

To fulfill this charge, the ATAB member will:

  • Gather input from their School in preparation for each ATAB convening
  • Provide School input on HUIT’s Academic Technology priorities / roadmap
  • Communicate HUIT priorities to their School / unit and return feedback


School Members

Chan: Deane Eastwood 
DCE: Rebecca Nesson 
FAS: Annie Rota 
GSD: Stephen Ervin
GSE: Greg Fuccillo
HBS: Jeanne Po 
HDS: Dan Hawkins 
HDS: Kama Lord
HLS: Jocelyn Kennedy  
HKS: Kristin Sullivan
HMS: Praneeth Machettira
Library: Suzanne Wones
SEAS: Rebecca Loose
VPAL: Dustin Tingley


Kim Edelman
David Heitmeyer
David Sobel
Alan Wolf



February 14, 2018

April 24, 2018

June 6, 2018