Accessing VPN with a Hardware Token

Please read the following instructions carefully, as the log in process has changed as of September 28, 2016.

If you are configuring VPN Two-Step Verification with a Landline AND do not have a mobile device we recommend that you request a Hardware Token.

To connect to VPN with a hardware token you must first activate two-step verification for HarvardKey and request a hardware token.

Click here to print a copy of these instructions.

1. Open the Cisco AnyConnect client and enter:

  • Click “Connect”  

open Cisco AnyConnect

2. Enter your new username 

Your HUID is automatically populated in the username field. It may be followed by “@name”. 

  • Replace your HUID with your Harvard email address.
  • If you have an “@name”, replace the “@” with a “#” .

new username

3. Enter your HarvardKey password into the password field.

4. Use your hardware token to generate a two-step verification code

  • Click into the Two-Step Verification Code field.
  • Insert the hardware token into the USB port.

  • Touch the Y” on your hardware token. The code field automatically fills.
  • Click OK. Once the connection is made, you may remove the hardware token.    

click into the two step verification code field

plug token into USB porttap the Y on hardware token

code will automatically populate

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