Academic Tools

Poll Everywhere

Web-based polling tool that allows participants to text answers via cell phone, and view instant results.
Available: faculty and staff at DCE, FAS, HDS, and Central Administration.

Dropbox for Harvard

Secure storage, file share and sync services for faculty and research staff who already use consumer Dropbox accounts for work at Harvard or have strong external collaboration requirements with teams from other institutions.  
Available: Faculty & researchers with existing Dropbox accounts.See more information

PaperCut (printing)

Connect to printers in the HUIT labs and buildings across campus
Available: FAS, HUIT


Connect to Harvard's FAS Virtual Private Network
Available: FAS faculty, students, staff

Harvard Wi-Fi

Connect to Harvard Secure, Harvard Guest Wi-Fi
Available: University-wide


Build and share surveys
Available: University-wide

Canvas for Harvard

Course websites, course management tools
Available: University-wide faculty & students


Student, teaching, and advising portals, course catalog for Harvard Chan School, FAS, GSD, HDS, HGSE, and HKS


Online user credential for Harvard
Available: University-wide


g.harvard email and Google apps suite
Available: FAS, SEAS, GSAS, DCE

@college Email

Gmail (g.harvard) for Harvard College
Available: Harvard College students