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I am a Harvard College student. Why can't I log into Skype or other Office 365 applications?

As a Harvard College student, your email, calendaring, and social applications are supported by Google. Your college.harvard.edu account is a Gmail account. It also gives you access to the Google Education Suite, including: Drive, Hangouts, Chats, Calendar, Sites and more. You do not have access to Microsoft Exchange products, which include, Outlook online, Calendar online and Skype for Business. You do have access to most Microsoft products including: SharePoint, Yammer, Microsoft Forms and the Office Online for Education suite.

macOS Sierra Update

December 2, 2016


On September 20, 2016, Apple released macOS Sierra (10.2). Starting December 5, HUIT is pleased to announce support for all new Apple desktops and laptops equipped with macOS Sierra. Since some older applications do not properly function with 10.12 and the upgrade process may render your computer non-operational, HUIT recommends that you do not upgrade your existing Apple computer to the Sierra operating system without contacting 

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All About Your New Computer

This information applies to FAS faculty and staff, as well as Central Administration staff, who have been provided with a new computer. Other users should contact their local IT department.

Along with your computer, you may have received a new or updated set of applications. As a result, HUIT has put together resources to help you become more familiar with some of the new features and tools, including materials pertaining to our standard suite of security applications, as well as some reference

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Enhanced Voice Mail Feature

Message Delivery

Now you can have your voice mail delivered directly to your Harvard email account.  There is no additional cost for this service and it is available to all Harvard voice mail users.  To enable this feature and learn more about the options you have regarding storage of voice mail messages please contact UC Customer Support by email at huit-telecom@harvard.edu or call 5-4900.

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Finance and Procurement Systems

Also known as: Financial Systems Solutions, FSS

Key Features and Benefits

  • Secure access to all of the University’s financial, and procurement systems
  • Provide end user support in the form of customer support and training
  • Maintain Harvard’s chart of accounts
  • Provide one stop shopping for all of the University’s
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CALists Mailing Lists


HUIT offers a mailing list service to Harvard affiliates (using Mailman, an open-source mailing list system). While HUIT provides and maintains the Mailman service for its clients, individual faculty or staff members administer each list as the list owner.

Mailman allows list subscribers and owners to utilize and manage a robust bulk mailing platform using a web interface or by sending email-based commands. Mailman also offers a number of configurable options for individual list owners, including spam filtering and list archiving.


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File Shares


Office 365’s powerful cloud-based suite of tools makes it easy to securely share files and collaborate with colleagues across the University and outside of Harvard.

Office 365 will be available University wide, and for the first time, all Harvard faculty and staff will have access to the same email, calendar, and file sharing platform to support and foster collaboration, organization, and efficiency.

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Data and Reporting Services


Centrally maintained administrative data for authorized users in Finance, Human Resources, Research Administration, Student Billing & Loan, Registrar, Alumni, and account and directory systems; Access to transaction data as well as historical data that resides in the Harvard Data Warehouse.

Key Features and Benefits

  • User Defined Reports Provides reports based on client requirements; reports are incorporated into existing applications or provided to the client in a variety of available formats.
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Administrative Systems Design and Implementation


Assists customers in identifying and implementing technology to make organizations more efficient and effective 

Services include: 

  • analysis of business problems  
  • implementation of IT solutions that may involve leveraging existing Harvard solutions, acquiring vendor products, or developing custom systems

Key Features and Benefits

Consultation. Provides support to identify administrative needs and define a strategy for using technology to make administrative processes more

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Harvard ID (HUID) and HarvardKey

Harvard University ID (HUID) numbers and HarvardKey accounts are administered by HUIT as a secure means of identity authentication to access the Harvard secure network. Your HarvardKey account enables access to a wide range of online applications and services across the University using a single login name and password. You will need to know your HUID in order to claim your HarvardKey

Where Can I Find My HUID Number?

Incoming College/GSAS students

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Work at Home

Remote Access - Authorized Job Requirement, Tele-Commuting and Work-At-Home
(eligibility as defined by the relevant Human Resources group, and approved by employee's manager)

Overall guidelines
In cases where an employee requires remote access to Harvard information resources and services as a job requirement, but the situation is not covered by remote access to central web-enabled services, Harvard will provide a Harvard-owned

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