I am a Harvard College student. Why can't I log into Skype or other Office 365 applications?

As a Harvard College student, your email, calendaring, and social applications are supported by Google. Your account is a Gmail account. It also gives you access to the Google Education Suite, including: Drive, Hangouts, Chats, Calendar, Sites and more. You do not have access to Microsoft Exchange products, which include, Outlook online, Calendar online and Skype for Business. You do have access to most Microsoft products including: SharePoint, Yammer, Microsoft Forms and the Office Online for Education suite.


Also known as: Password manager


LastPass personal premium accounts are currently offered at no cost to all members of the Harvard community. Visit to get it now.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Store all your passwords in one secure, central location
  • Generate and remember unique, complex passwords for all your accounts
  • Access from as many devices as you want – work desktop, smartphone, personal laptop, tablet, etc.
  • Synchronize your password updates; change a password from
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El Capitan announcement

September 28, 2015

Apple will be releasing the latest version of their operating system, El Capitan, on September 30.  We currently recommend that you DO NOT upgrade to El Capitan for any computers used to access Harvard systems.  This operating system is not currently supported by HUIT.

HUIT will be testing El Capitan on all University applications. Once this testing has been completed and our applications have been certified to run in this new

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Eduroam (education roaming) is a secure worldwide federated network access service developed for the international research and education community.  This service provides per-user, per-session encrypted network access for visitors from participating institutions, without the need to gain guest credentials on arrival to an eduroam enabled location.

Key Features and Benefits

  • When a visiting user requests access to the eduroam SSID
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Do Chromecast, Roku or Apple TV work on campus?

Not all services associated with Apple TVs, Roku devices, or Chromecast devices will work on the Harvard wireless network.

These devices were designed to work in home network environments, and therefore do not fully function on a campus network environment.

Specifically, these devices do not work across IP subnets, and require multicast services that are unavailable on the campus network. Many universities are experiencing the same issue with these devices.

Services that will work on campus:

Internet streaming from providers such as Netflix

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Jabber Video


Cisco Jabber™ Video is an application that extends the reach of video collaboration. 

Key Features and Benefits

Jabber Video works with a compatible PC or Mac and a webcam to provide high-definition video communications. Jabber Video can connect to TelePresence and/or WebEx calls resulting in a wider video reach from your desktop.

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