CADM IT Integration Project FAQs

Will everyone in the IT groups from Campus Services, FAD, and HHR report to HUIT?

IT staff in Campus Services (Technology and Logistics), Financial Administration (Financial Systems Solutions), and Harvard Human Resources (HR Information Systems) will join HUIT on July 1 with dotted line reporting to the business units they support. At this time, HR analytics and reporting staff will remain in HHR and partner closely with HUIT to develop a data management function for the University.

Where in the HUIT organization will the incoming staff report?

As of July 1, 78 staff will transition to HUIT. The departments welcoming new staff are:

  • Administrative Technology Services (59)
  • Project Planning and Management (5)
  • Infrastructure (2)
  • Architecture and Engineering (1)
  • Data Management Services (8)
  • Support Services (2)
  • Administration (1)

Who should I contact if I need to make a purchase, or if I have questions about finance and accounting-related items?

HUIT Finance is currently determining the correct support structure for post-July 1, with more information to be forthcoming soon.  During the transition, questions and requests should be directed to your manager.

Who should I contact regarding building access or other building-related issues?

While newly integrated staff are not immediately changing locations, they will likely need to update card access to include HUIT locations. Please email in HUIT Space and Logistics with any building access requests.

After July 1, whom should my current customers contact?

A guiding principle of this project is preserving current business relationships. Therefore, we expect that points of contacts will remain the same after July 1, with very few exceptions.

Will I become part of a pool of technical resources when I join HUIT?

No, we do not expect your area of focus to change as a result of this integration. HUIT is an organization of technical experts and specialists, and everyone in HUIT works in a specific business area. We hope that your being a part of a larger technology organization will offer you the opportunity of exposure to various areas of HUIT, ranging from academic technology to information security to IT architecture and engineering, among others, should you want to explore those areas or leverage other experts to support your work.

Why are we undertaking the CADM IT integration now?

The proliferation of technology tools and products has had a profound effect on the IT profession and the way organizations conduct business through the use of IT. We are bringing these central IT teams together now to ensure that IT staff are able to keep pace with rapid technological change together and to enable them to share knowledge, tools, and approaches more easily with each other, all of which will serve to strengthen our IT community and the services we deliver.

How will Harvard benefit from the CADM IT integration?

This alignment will allow central IT to respond more quickly and collaboratively to evolving business needs. The unified IT organization will be better able to coordinate IT activities (e.g., how and when we are communicating to schools or specific user groups) and provide a more seamless experience for our community members who use multiple technologies every day.

How will the IT staff benefit from the integration?

For IT professionals, a cohesive unit will enhance collaboration, strengthen community, and support professional growth across the central IT cohort. The unification will also ensure that central IT staff are using common approaches and processes (e.g., ITIL, Agile, project management) and allow us to create a more consistent IT culture across central administration.

Will there be layoffs associated with this integration of teams?

No layoffs are being contemplated as part of this effort, and we hope we will be able to have a structure that will enable all to contribute.

Will staff be re-located as part of this effort?

No specific location changes are planned as part of this integration. Over time, we anticipate that achieving the coordination and collaboration goals of the integration may require some relocating. We plan to assess space needs at a later stage, along with our ongoing space assessment processes. Any pre-planned moves already in progress should not be disrupted.

How will we ensure a strong connection from IT to the Campus Services, FAD, and HHR business units after the unification?

Maintaining a strong connection to the business units is an extremely important part of this process that the VP’s are leading themselves. Exact details are still to be determined, but we expect that IT professionals will continue to support the business and clients through regular attendance at meetings and other engagements within the business units.

Will there be an impact on active projects within the central IT teams?

All current projects are expected to proceed as planned during the transition and post-July 2016, depending on the scope and timeline of the project. We will take special care to identify these projects and ensure that they are carried forward to completion.

I am a union member. Has the HUCTW been notified of the planned consolidation?

Yes, we have notified HUCTW of this planned changed and will keep them informed as a key stakeholder.

How will we get more information about this consolidation?

You may continue to visit this web portal, which we will update regularly with transition documents and plans. We will also host a number of forums to share information and address questions or concerns. 

Whom should I contact with questions or ideas? 

You may send your thoughts and questions confidentially to