Leadership Communications

June 16, 2016: Announcement

Dear Colleagues,
Thank you to all who have contributed to the CADM IT Integration project over the past several months. I am pleased to share with you the results of our combined efforts and the new organizational structure supporting the services that the Campus Services, Financial Administration, and Harvard Human Resources technology teams will bring into the HUIT organization on July 1.
After careful analysis and discussion, and with input from stakeholders and IT staff, we are putting in place what we believe is the best organizational structure to support the long-term goals of this integration—to enhance IT service delivery to the Harvard community and provide our IT staff with more support to enable their growth and development as Harvard IT professionals.
In summary, 78 CADM IT staff will join the following HUIT departments: Account and Service Management, Administration, Administrative Technology Services, Chief Technology Office, Infrastructure, Project and Vendor Management Office, Support Services, and the newly formed Data Management Services. Please see the following org charts for more information.
I'm also pleased to announce two leadership appointments:

  • Managing Director of Administrative Technology Services
    Jason Shaffner,
    current Managing Director for the Student Information Systems (SIS) program and former Director of Financial Systems Solutions (FSS), will provide overall leadership for the ATS unit, effective September 19. Jason will work to integrate ATS product and practice teams to provide our community with a more seamless experience, and lead the planning, development, and management of the administrative applications portfolio for the University, Central Administration, and Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Jason will succeed Steve King, who has done a spectacular job as Interim Managing Director.
  • Managing Director for Data Management Services
    Mitch Rogers, current Director of Financial System Solutions (FSS), will lead the newly formed Data Management Services group, effective July 1. Mitch will be responsible for leading the process to define the vision and strategy, and determine the resources needed to establish and grow this function for the University. FSS financial reporting staff and the Harvard Data Warehouse team (currently part of ATS) will join him in this effort. They will work in partnership with the HR analytics and reporting staff, and others around the University, to elevate this critical service for Harvard.

Thank you for the openness and enthusiasm with which you have greeted this process, and your willingness to participate. It is important to acknowledge that not everyone in our new organization will experience the same level of change on July 1. For many, the  integration will bring very little change, while others will experience significant change to their department, team, or reporting structure. Over the next year and beyond, we will all play a role to fine-tune and continually improve our new organization. As always, please reach out directly with your thoughts, ucio@harvard.edu.
I look forward to seeing you all at the HUIT Town Hall and BBQ on July 14, which is the first time we will gather as our new organization. In the meantime, please join me in congratulating Jason and Mitch, and in welcoming all of our newest members to HUIT.
Anne H. Margulies
Vice President and University CIO

February 2, 2016: Announcement

Dear Colleagues,  

In order to create a more effective and nimble information technology (IT) organization that delivers better integrated services to the Harvard community, we are engaging in a process with the expectation that we will be moving the IT groups within Campus Services, Financial Administration (FAD), and Harvard Human Resources (HHR) into Harvard University Information Technology (HUIT).

We will spend the next several months thoughtfully planning this transition and undertaking a careful evaluation of the impact. We expect to formalize the changes in July 2016.

Unifying these Central Administration (CADM) IT teams will provide our user communities a more seamless IT experience, while giving them access to IT professionals that are part of a technology organization with broader and deeper IT expertise. 

We anticipate that this alignment will also help us better coordinate central IT activities, clarify career paths, and enable IT professionals to share common tools and approaches more easily in developing technical solutions across the central IT cohort.

The vice presidents of these central IT teams are working together to ensure that the future organization continues to meet the needs of Campus Services, FAD, HHR, and the communities they serve. Together, we are leading the CADM IT integration effort and have designated leaders from the central IT teams to develop an integrated IT service catalog that will be supported by the unified team.

We encourage you to learn more about this effort and the representatives from each group at the following web portal, http://huit.harvard.edu/cadm-it-integration, which will be updated often with program information and planning documents, including frequently asked questions (FAQs). We understand that you will have many questions throughout this process, so we are planning a series of forums and other engagement opportunities to answer questions and hear your ideas and concerns.

In the meantime, please send any thoughts or questions you have to cadm_it_integration@harvard.edu. We will read all of your comments with thought and care. For now, thanks in advance for your patience and cooperation as we work to plan this important transition for Harvard IT.


Katie Lapp
Executive Vice President 

Anne H. Margulies
Vice President and University CIO

Marilyn Hausammann
Vice President for Human Resources

Thomas J. Hollister
Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer

Meredith Weenick
Vice President for Campus Services