Project Team

Executive Committee

The executive committee provides direction and oversight; leads and champions change within their organizations; makes decisions on matters escalated to them.

Anne Margulies
Marilyn Hausammann
Tom Hollister
Amy Nostrand
Meredith Weenick
Melissa Brown
Nicole Breen
Executive Consultant: Brian McDonald

Project Coordination Team

The project coordination team ensures a thoughtful approach and implementation using Agile principles; ensures collaboration between Scrums.

Nicole Breen
Ellen Gulachenski
Stephanie Gumble
Tamara Larsen
Paige Manning
Brian McDonald
Joya Sengupta

Service Scrum Teams

Service scrum teams represent HUIT and incoming service teams; provide knowledge of current HUIT processes and frameworks; provide service and customer knowledge from each business unit, define/adapt HUIT frameworks.

Human Resources IT

PO: Rita Moore (HHR)
PO: Steve King (HUIT)
SM: Randy Ellis (HHR)
Isabelle Modiano
Ana Bard
Lisa Lavoie
Hilary Stoebig
Dharmendra Khanna
Prabhakar Ramakrishnan
Shanton Anderson

Finance IT

PO: Mitch Rogers (FSS)
PO: Mike Landino (HUIT)
SM: Matt Walton (FSS)
Simone Alpen
Theresa Butler
Rich Ohlsten

Campus Service IT

PO: Ben Gaucherin (CS)
PO: Peter Baskette (HUIT)
SM: Thomas Townsend (CS)
Courtney Harwood


Foundation Scrum Teams

Foundation scrum teams provide subject matter expertise to ensure that each of their frameworks serve the incoming departments and their customers; implement any necessary changes to people, technology, process and financial model; design and implement process for on-boarding people.


PO: Leslie Schaffer (CADM)
SM: Thomas Price
Paul Massaro
Mary Christakis
Kasie Mina
Erik Olsson
June Zammett
Mary Straub

Human Resources

PO: Karen Pemstein (CADM)
SM: Tamara Larsen
Vicky Schubert
Beth Cooney/Maria Majia
Dick McGinnis


PO: Stephanie Gumble (HUIT)
SM: Acacia Matheson (HPAC)
Vanessa Gratta
Mike Conner
Esther Vegh
Vicky Schubert

Project Team Structure

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