Data Management Services

Key Responsibilities

  • Define and lead the vision and strategy for Data Management Services in order to establish and grow this function for the University
  • Develop and implement new services to help the University find and better understand our shared data and information assets
  • Plan, develop and maintain administrative data and reporting applications for users in Finance, Human Resources, Research Administration and Alumni Affairs and Development

Our Key Services

  • Data Analysis and Reporting. Provide data and applications that support self-service operational, compliance and analytic reporting. Develop and maintain enterprise reports and dashboards.
  • Enterprise Data Integration. Provide tools and platforms that support the efficient movement, merging and sharing of data. Develop and maintain integrated data.
  • Enterprise Data Management. Promote stewardship that supports the creation of accurate, consistent and transparent information.

Our Goals

  • TBD as part of FY17 goal planning
Our Leadership Team
Mitch Rogers Managing Director, Data Management Services
Venkata Gavirneni Manager, Business Intelligence – Finance/Research Administration
Alison Wellman Smith Principal Business Analyst
Teresa Schreitmueller Practice Manager, Data and Harvard Data Warehouse 
Kathy Genovese Business Intelligence Manager
Bill Brickman Lead Architect
Raj Mariadoss Senior Project Manager