Gartner Research

The Harvard community has access to select Gartner research through its online database, “Core Research Campus Access.” The database includes research findings on a wide range of IT-related topics, including analyses, opinions, trends, leading practices, and case studies.

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Analyst Inquiries: In addition to online access to all published research, the Harvard community may also initiate live conversations or meetings with Gartner analysts (commonly referred to as an “Analyst Inquiry”). To get started, please contact your respective “Key Coordinator” at Harvard as her/his participation is required. Analysts may be used as sounding boards and provide expert, objective opinion on documents such as RFPs, vendor proposals, service agreements, strategic plans or merger and acquisition ideas.

For more information or to schedule an analyst inquiry, please contact your respective Key Coordinator:

  • Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard Business School, Harvard Divinity School, Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard Law School, Harvard University Information Technology, Central Administration, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Graduate School of Design, Graduate School of Education, Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Public Health: Ellen Gulachenski (email) or Peter Baskette (email), or Stephanie Gumble (email)  or Jason Snyder (email

Key Features and Benefits

Gartner Consulting provides fact-based consulting services to help manage IT in enabling organizational performance.

Available to

Online access to research findings available to all Harvard faculty, staff, and students.
Analyst inquiries available to Harvard staff and faculty, and must be initiated and coordinated by a Harvard employee through their designated Key Coordinator.

Requirements and Limitations

See Gartner Usage Guidelines


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