How do I install the FAS VPN client?

Alert: HUIT VPN will require HarvardKey two-step verification after September 20, 2016.

Activate two-step verification >

Access VPN with two-step verification > 

Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client For Windows XP/7/8 and Mac OS X

1. Open your browser and go to The following login screen will appear:

FAS VPN web login

2. You will be prompted to authenticate using your HUID and password.

  • In the HUID@TUNNEL field, enter your 8-digit Harvard University Identification (HUID) number. (e.g. 12345678)
  • In the PIN field, enter your HarvardKey password. (If you have not yet claimed your HarvardKey, enter your HUID password.)

3. All network traffic leaving your system while logged into Cisco AnyConnect will traverse the Harvard network and is subject to all applicable policies (see for more information).

4. The following screen will appear (please note: the screen will reference Sun Java instead of ActiveX if running from a browser other than Internet Explorer). Select Download to launch the installer.

fas vpn step 4

5. A warning message similar to one of the following may appear depending on which operating system you are running:

fas vpn step 5

 FAS VPN step 5


Take the appropriate action (click Run, Trust, or click the yellow Internet Explorer installer bar) to begin the installation.

fas vpn step 5bar

6. After the installation is complete, the Connection Established page appears indicating that the download of the AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client was successful and the SSL VPN client is now running on your system:

fas vpn step 6 win


fas vpn step 6 osx

vpn iconNote the AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client icon  in your taskbar (Windows) or menu bar (OSX).

7. To disconnect, select the AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client icon in your task bar (Windows) or menu bar (OSX) and click the Disconnect button.

8. After your initial installation, you may launch AnyConnect VPN from your Start menu (Windows) or Applications folder (OSX):

fas vpn step 8


fas vpn step 8 osx

9. Once the program is launched, the following login box will appear on your screen:

anyconnect login

Make sure is entered in the Connect To field. In the USERNAME field, enter your 8-digit HUID (eg 12345678). In the PASSCODE field, enter your HarvardKey password. (If you have not yet claimed your HarvardKey, enter your HUID password.) Click Connect.

10. The Acceptable Use dialog box will appear:

fas vpn step 10

Click Accept to continue if you accept the terms. Your Connection will then be established and you will notice that the AnyConnect icon appears in your tool tray (Windows) or menu bar (OSX).  From this point, all network traffic will traverse the Harvard University network.

If you have any questions regarding installation or authentication, you should contact your VPN administrator or local helpdesk.

All other problems and issues should be directed to the HUIT Service Desk at (617) 495-7777 or