How do I get my MAC address?

The Media Access Control (MAC) Address is also called the physical address of a network adapter.

Note that, on a computer with a wired and a wireless connection (such as most laptops and notebooks), there will be one MAC Address for the wired (Ethernet) connection and another for the wireless connection.

The following instructions will walk you through obtaining the MAC Address for either your wired or wireless network adapter. Your MAC address is unique to your computer and will always be in the following format, which may contain both the numbers 0 through 9 and the letters A through F:  00:12:34:5a:6b:7c

Windows Vista/Windows 7

  1.     Start Button > Type "cmd" in search field
  2.     Select cmd.exe > Type "ipconfig /all"
  3.     Find the “Physical Address” listed under Wireless LAN Adapter or Ethernet Adapter (depending on type of connection)

Windows XP

  1.     Start > Run
  2.     Type "cmd" and press Enter
  3.     Type "ipconfig /all"
  4.     Find the “Physical Address” listed under Wireless LAN Adapter or Ethernet Adapter (Depending on Type of Connection)

Mac OS X 10.5 - 10.8

  1.     Go to the Network Panel in System Preferences.
  2.     Select either Ethernet (Wired) or Airport (Wireless) on the left panel.
  3.     Click Advanced.
  4.     Click on the Airport or Ethernet Tab.
  5.     The MAC Address is listed as the Airport or Ethernet ID.

Game console or entertainment device

Consult the manual that came with your device. The MAC address is often printed on a label stuck to the device, or printed on the box it came in. Connect the device to a TV or monitor and explore any Settings or Preferences panels available to you.

Find your Ethernet and Wireless MAC address on an Apple TV
  1. Go to the main menu on your Apple TV, and select Settings.
  2. In the Settings Menu, select About.
  3. The Apple TV's MAC Address will be listed as either the Wireless ID or Ethernet ID (depending on the connection you are using).

If you are having trouble locating your MAC Address contact the HUIT Service Desk at (617) 495-7777 for further assistance.