Accounts, Access & Directories

Can FAS account names be changed?

The assigned or chosen FAS account or user name can be changed only under very specific conditions:

  • A misspelled user name resulting from an error in our database.
If, for example, John Harvard was misspelled to jharverd, we would correct the spelling error.
  • A legal name change.
Ensure the change has been made with the appropriate Registrar or Personnel Office before requesting the change to your FAS username.

What else do I need to know about MIDAS, Harvard's application for Managing Identity Data & Affiliation Securely?

What are the necessary system requirements for MIDAS?

What are the privacy levels in the Harvard Directory?

1. Internal: Restricted (Internal use only)

  • Administrative use of directory data is permitted in accordance with faculty policy or as mandated by law.
  • Not published in the University online directories.
  • Not shared with the Harvard telephone operators.

2. Internal: School or Department/Tub Only

If I want to be listed, but am not in the directory, what should I do?

If you are a student, please contact your Registrar. Your requested privacy settings may be blocking display, or data may be missing.

If you are an employee, please call or email your local directory contact. You may need to provide your Harvard ID number in addition to your contact information.

If you are from the FAS, visit

If your local contact is unavailable or is unable to access your record for update, please contact Read more about If I want to be listed, but am not in the directory, what should I do?

What determines who is listed in the directory?

The policy is determined by the HUIT Identity and Access Management Product Manager, in conjunction with key stakeholders, such as Registrars and HR.  All active non-temporary employees are eligible to be listed. Some departments will also list non-employee affiliates working as consultants or contractors.  Students who are pursuing a degree or certificate are also eligible by the policies outlined in their local student handbooks.

What data are displayed in a directory listing?

An employee directory listing may include the following data: name, job title(s), HR department name(s), photograph, official e-mail address, office telephone & phone location, office fax and location, and office address.

A student directory listing may include the following data: name, school(s) and expected graduation year, photograph, official e-mail address, residential telephone (campus or personal phone as designated by student), and residential mailing address (dormitory/house, plus room number or city/state, if off campus).