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I am a Harvard College student. Why can't I log into Skype or other Office 365 applications?

As a Harvard College student, your email, calendaring, and social applications are supported by Google. Your account is a Gmail account. It also gives you access to the Google Education Suite, including: Drive, Hangouts, Chats, Calendar, Sites and more. You do not have access to Microsoft Exchange products, which include, Outlook online, Calendar online and Skype for Business. You do have access to most Microsoft products including: SharePoint, Yammer, Microsoft Forms and the Office Online for Education suite.

What are best practices for configuring a new mailing list?

Best pratices for configuring a listserv or new mailing list using University-provided services:

I will be leaving FAS. When will my email account expire?

Preparing for Account Expiration

Important dates

  • College and GSAS Students: After graduation, access and forwarding ends after 230 days.  Data and resources are deleted 30 days thereafter.
  • FAS Faculty:  Access to FAS online resources, including Office 365 email and calendar, will expire 30 days after the Faculty member's designated last day of work.  Data and resources are deleted 30 days thereafter.
  • FAS Staff: Access to FAS online resources, including… Read more about I will be leaving FAS. When will my email account expire?

How do I update my password for email services on a mobile device?

To update your password on iOS devices (iPad/iPhone)

  • Open "Settings."
  • Select "Mail, Contacts, Calendar."
  • Select your Harvard Exchange account.
  • Select "Account."
  • Select the "Password" field to clear your old password and enter your new password.
  • Select "Done."

To update account settings for an HTC Hero running Android

Can FAS account names be changed?

The assigned or chosen FAS account or user name can be changed only under very specific conditions:

  • A misspelled user name resulting from an error in our database.
If, for example, John Harvard was misspelled to jharverd, we would correct the spelling error.
  • A legal name change.
Ensure the change has been made with the appropriate Registrar or Personnel Office before requesting the change to your FAS username.

What should I do if I receive suspicious e-mail?

HUIT frequently receives reports about suspicious emails known as "phishing" schemes. These are fraudulent messages, claiming to be from a legitimate source, that ask you to send confidential information, such as your username, password, or date of birth.

Be aware that a HUIT employee will never ask for your account password, whether over the phone or by email. To do so would violate University security policy.

If you receive questionable emails of this nature, do not respond to the sender. Instead, delete the message or contact 617-495-7777 for assistance.

What are the settings to configure mail clients for @College accounts?

Here are the basic settings that can be used with any mail program or device to connect it to your @College account hosted on Gmail. Note that the names of the servers are of the form The previous @College mail service used server names in the domain. This is obsolete. If your mail settings include such names, you will not be able to receive or send mail until you make the changes below.

A related article gives links to configuration instructions for specific mail programs and mobile devices. … Read more about What are the settings to configure mail clients for @College accounts?