What are the benefits of Google Apps for Harvard?

How is Google Apps for Harvard different from my personal Google account?

Google has agreed that Harvard users’ documents are confidential information. They will not disclose them except as required by law or in the unusual case of disclosure to their employees, agents, and affiliates if strictly necessary to provide Google Apps services..

Who can use Google Apps for Harvard?

Google Apps for Harvard is available to FAS faculty, students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Extension and Summer School students, and academic staff in FAS (e.g. researchers, support staff, teaching staff).

Can Google use my Google Apps for Harvard account for commercial purposes?

Google may not use information it acquires about Harvard University users through the Google Apps for Harvard service for marketing or sales purposes or for any purpose other than providing its services to the University.

Can Google use my Google Apps for Harvard account to show me advertisements?

Google may not serve ads to users of Google Apps for Harvard.