File Share Project

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    Storing and sharing files with colleagues at Harvard is about to change for the better

The File Share Project is an ITCRB funded Initiative that will modernize the way we store and share files and improve the way we collaborate. The project will migrate user personal files from network- based disk storage (typically the U: drive) into O365 OneDrive service. 

Goals of the Project

  1. Move to a common platform for individual file storage. 
  2. Provide anywhere, anytime access to files. 
  3. Drive greater security through elimination of unnecessary data. 
  4. Eliminate the premised based individual file storage option. 
  5. Provide customer cost savings.
  6. Reduce user confusion over what tool to use for various use cases.

We are partnering with stakeholders across Harvard to deliver these new services through a multiyear, University-wide program. Learn more by attending information sessions or contact us.



The OneDrive tool will bring many user improvements including:

  • Robust file search capabilities 
  • File access from multiple devices, anytime, anywhere without the need for VPN 
  • Virtually unlimited file storage 
  • Ease of sharing personal files with internal and external colleagues

CADM Migration Progress

FAS Migration Progress

Project Team

Carson Phil Carson 
Collaboration Engineer 
Susan DeLellis Susan DeLellis 
Project Director 
Dwyer Michelle Dwyer 
Director of Collaboration Services 
Gamble Laurie Gamble 
Implementation Project Manager 
Barbara Loblundo Barbara Loblundo 
Implementation Project Manager 
Peter Thornton Peter Thornton
Collaboration Engineer 
Michelle Tutunjian Michelle Tutunjian
Senior Technical Project Manager 
Chris Viklund Chris Viklund 
Trainer and Change Manager 

Contact Information

File Share Project

Harvard University Information Technology 
784 Memorial Drive 
Cambridge, MA 02139