File Share Project

The File Share Project is an ITCRB funded Initiative that will modernize the way we store and share files and improve the way we collaborate. The project will migrate user personal files from network- based disk storage (typically the U: drive) into O365 OneDrive service. 

Goals of the Project

  1. Move to a common platform for individual file storage. 
  2. Provide anywhere, anytime access to files. 
  3. Drive greater security through elimination of unnecessary data. 
  4. Eliminate the premised based individual file storage option. 
  5. Provide customer cost savings.
  6. Reduce user confusion over what tool to use for various use cases.

We are partnering with stakeholders across Harvard to deliver these new services through a multiyear, University-wide program. Learn more by attending information sessions or contact us.

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The OneDrive tool will bring many user improvements including:

  • Robust file search capabilities 
  • File access from multiple devices, anytime, anywhere without the need for VPN 
  • Virtually unlimited file storage 
  • Ease of sharing personal files with internal and external colleagues

Central Administration Migration Progress Bar Graph

FAS Migration Progress Bar GraphHGSE Migration Progress Bar Graph

Project Team

Phil Carson Photo Phil Carson 
Collaboration Engineer 
Susan DeLellis Photo Susan DeLellis 
Project Director 
  Paul Dimitruk 
Project Manager 
Michelle Dwyer Photo Michelle Dwyer 
Director of Collaboration Services 
Laurie Gamble Photo Laurie Gamble 
Implementation Project Manager 
Barbara Loblundo Photo Barbara Loblundo 
Implementation Project Manager 
Peter Thornton Photo Peter Thornton
Collaboration Engineer 
Michelle Tutunjian Photo Michelle Tutunjian
Senior Technical Project Manager 
Chris Viklund Photo Chris Viklund 
Trainer and Change Manager 

Q: Is my school or department part of the File Share Project?

A:  HUIT is working with Central Administration, HDS, Radcliffe, GSE, HSPH and the FAS to plan for the move of individual files into O365 OneDrive.  All schools are welcome to participate in our OneDrive training. Visit our project website for more information at


Q:  When will my files be moved to OneDrive?

A: The project team is actively working with department liaisons from Central Administration, the FAS and GSE this fiscal year.  You will be contacted by your department liaison to start the planning process and communicate migration dates.  Upcoming migration dates are posted on our project website at


Q: What can I do to get ready for the transition to OneDrive?

A: The first thing you can do to prepare for your transition is to delete any files that are no longer used or needed.  This will speed up the migration process and allow you to make a clean start with your OneDrive service. The HUIT team will also ask that you upgrade your computing device to the latest version of software required, if it has not already been done.   It is also highly recommended that you sign up for training to help with the use and adoption of the new service. 


Q: Will I need to move my files on my own?

A: No, HUIT will move your files programmatically, there is nothing you need to do. We do recommend that you “clean up” your files by deleting anything you no longer need. In addition, your local contact may send you information regarding files that are not allowed in OneDrive. In this case, HUIT and your local contact will work with you to find a suitable storage solution for them. The list of prohibited files are here.


Q: Will anyone have access to read/view my files during the migration process?

A: No, the migration process is automated, no one needs to open or view your files in order to do this. If you happen to be in OneDrive during an active migration, you may see “SharePoint Administrator” listed as an owner on your files. This is normal and will be removed after the migration is completed. It does not mean anyone has viewed your file, only that the software needs access to your OneDrive in order to move the files over.


Q: I have linked excel files that were migrated, and the links no longer work. How can I fix this?

A: Some links to external files will need to be relinked. The instructions are here. Your File Share Project Manager or Field Support can help you if you have additional questions. Special Note: Excel Online does not support external links. You may see the error message: “Link Disabled – Links to external workbooks are not supported and have been disabled.” In order to enable the links you will need to open the workbook in the client version of Excel.


Q: I don’t have any files to migrate, but I would love to use OneDrive, is it available to me?

A: Yes, everyone has access to OneDrive via HUIT’s Office 365 Service.  Visit for more information on getting stared with OneDrive. 


Q: Can I share my OneDrive file(s) with people external to Harvard? 

A: Yes. You can share specifically with anyone who has an email address, regardless of that email provider. If it is a non-HUIT O365 account they will need to ‘prove’ they have control over that email mailbox by entering a security code that Microsoft will send them in a second email.


Q: I’ve heard that HUIT will be moving departmental files to SharePoint, can we move our files now?

A: The File Share team is working on a proof of concept for moving departmental files into O365 services, such as SharePoint or Microsoft Teams.  For FY21 there will be an ITCRB project request to begin this work. Stay Tuned! In the meantime, if you have departmental file use cases for O365 services it’s ok to start using applications such as O365 SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.  For more information contact or visit  


Q: Are the network file shares for departmental or organizational files “going away”? 

A: The network shares are not “going away”.  HUIT’s Standard and Economy storage options will continue to be offered for use cases that require network storage.  For more information on Economy or Standard storage visit our HUIT File Sharing Service Catalog.


Q: If I share something with somebody using OneDrive, is it as secure as Accellion Kiteworks?

A: OneDrive is currently approved for Level 3 data. Accellion Kiteworks is approved for Level 4 data. OneDrive sharing allows you to grant someone access to a file or folder on your OneDrive. Accellion Kiteworks is a way of securely sending a copy of a file to another person(s). There are several key differences:

  1. OneDrive is certified for up to Level 3 data, Accellion Kiteworks is certified for transmission of Level 4 data. More information on data types can be found on our IT Security website.

  2. Since OneDrive gives access to a file you can be sure that the person you are collaborating with always has the up to date version of the file. You can also terminate their access at any time. Further, with sharing via OneDrive you can set their level of access (edit, read-only, or even block the ability to print and download the file).

  3. Accellion Kiteworks is a secure way of sending file, but the file does not update with changes that you make on your original.  Accellion Kiteworks does not store the file, it is simply used for transmission of the file.

Contact Information

File Share Project

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