HR Systems Governance Committee

The HRMS Steering Committee works in conjunction with the HR Deans and Directors (Executive Committee) to ensure that IT initiatives are aligned with the university’s HR business goals.

Their charge is:

  • Inform and validate the HR IT Roadmap
  • Identify, set the priorities and review HR IT projects for all central HR systems (including non-PeopleSoft)
  • Review, prioritize and approve the scope of each PeopleSoft release across all functional areas
  • Communicate HR system changes with direct or indirect impact on Financial Statements
  • Identify communication needs for key stakeholders and the larger University HR Community

Isabelle Modiano, HUIT
Joanna Brownstein, HMS
Mark Seibring, FAS
Pam Cozza, HKS
Rita Moore, HHR
Janice Collins, HHR
Ana Bard, HHR
Maureen Forrester, FAD
Andrea Sexton, FAD
Amy Esposito, FAD
Joanne Jordan, FAD
Jane Hill, HUIT
Mitchel J. Rogers, HUIT
William Ganzemuller, HHR
Masha Shoykhet, HUIT

The committee meets the fourth Thursday of the month, from 10am-11am, in CWD room 3341.

*Dates may change depending on conflicts.