HUIT Mission

We strive to make it easier for faculty, students, and staff to teach, research, learn, and work through the effective use of information technology.


The Evolution of HUIT

HUIT History 1234

HUIT 1.0 (2011)


  • Professionalized IT organization (upgraded skills, processes and tools)

  • Created new functions (CTO, CISO, PMO)

  • Established common values

HUIT 2.0 (2014)

Committed to the Cloud

  • In addition, HUIT committed to:

    • Maturing in ITIL, Agile, Project Management

    • Simplifying financial model

    • Creating robust people plans

HUIT 3.0 (2016)

Consolidated Central IT

  • Integrated HR, Finance, Campus Services IT into HUIT 

  • Created new functions (Data Management, Account Management, Vendor Management)

  • Transitioned my.Harvard, Canvas, Harvard Key from programs to operations

  • Created more integrated and seamless IT experience for our stakeholders

HUIT 4.0 (2019)

Serving our Community Better

  • Enabling better, more integrated services

  • Optimizing HUIT-wide business operations

  • Fostering a more inclusive culture