Leaving Harvard: Employees

Leaving Harvard
for Employees

If you're a University employee and you're leaving Harvard soon, here's a checklist of the steps you and your manager should take to offboard your Harvard technology and ensure a smooth transition. We recommend beginning this process at least one month prior to your departure, as you'll lose access to most of your Harvard accounts after your last day of work

This guide is intended for FAS, Central Administration, Radcliffe, and Divinity School employees (faculty and staff). Employees from other schools and units should consult their local IT departments for specific guidance. 

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Manage your email and digital records


Prepare your colleagues for your departure

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Return your IT equipment


  • All Harvard-owned IT equipment must be returned. For tax and compliance reasons, departments may not sell or gift IT equipment to employees. Contact your local administrative director or financial dean with questions.
  • Bring any Harvard-owned IT equipment that you brought home back to campus, including your computer, mobile device(s), monitor(s), docking station, keyboard, mouse, and any other peripherals. Talk to your manager about how and where to return it.
  • Transfer your mobile phone number and billing responsibilities if you have a Harvard-owned mobile phone line that you’d like to keep.

Get Help

Most importantly, we're here to help! You can find how-to guides and troubleshooting tips at the IT Help Portal. If you need help, contact the HUIT Service Desk through the channels below. Students, faculty, and staff at other Schools can contact their local IT support