Multi-Year Technology Planning

Multi-Year Technology Planning (MYTP)


The new Multi-Year Technology Planning (MYTP) process will aid Harvard in providing its faculty, students, staff, and researchers with the best possible digital campus. It will help identify the key investment decisions each school/unit needs to make to advance to their respective priority areas of growth, change, and reinvigoration, and it will aim to harmonize them with University investments and priorities. Examples of such investments that have shared impact are infrastructure investments, security, and privacy enhancements.

This first year is a learning year, building on prior submissions that schools and the central administration completed in the past as part of the Integrated Planning for IT (IPIT) process. In this first year, our focus is on minimizing the impact on schools, providing transparency, and having robust conversations about plans and improvements to the process.

Download full guidelines about the Multi-Year Technology Planning process


Date Activity
Summer 2022  Office of Technology Strategy and Planning (OTSP) distributes Technology Planning Guidelines to the schools and units alongside the MYFP process.
September 30, 2022 Concurrent with MYFP, schools and units submit Multi-Year Technology Plans (MYTP) to OTSP by September 30, 2022, using the CPATH application or one of two spreadsheet templates; edits can be made until that date.
October/November 2022 OTSP reviews the MYTP submissions, holding staff-level meeting as necessary.
Winter 2023
  • OTSP and Senior Leadership reviews are ongoing post-submission. OTSP shares information with the Deans, Administrative Deans, Financial Deans, CIOs, the EVP, and the Provost.
  • OTSP provides Technology Risk Assessments as needed, which will be due in March/April.
  • If needed, school/unit Technology Plan (TP) submissions are submitted in CPATH by February 28, 2023; final adjustments to the TP submissions by March 15, 2023.
  • A draft MYTP summary is shared with schools/units.
  • A final MYTP summary is shared with Deans, the EVP, and the Provost.
Spring 2023 OTSP meets with schools and units to assess the past year’s Technology Planning process and obtain suggestions for consideration for future planning efforts.

Submission Process

Schools/units will submit the investment portion of their Multi-Year Technology Plan one of three ways:

  • Submit investment information via the CPATH automated system (preferred)
  • Submit investment information via a template spreadsheet alternative to CPATH emailed to
  • Submit investment information via a spreadsheet format of previous years' IPIT submissions emailed to

In all three cases, the narrative component of the MYTP should be emailed to

The submission due date is September 30, 2022, consistent with the due date for the Multi-Year Financial Planning Process (MYFP).

Detailed instructions, support, and access to CPATH will be available in August.



Email the Office of Technology Strategy and Planning (OTSP)

OTSP is available to provide training that includes detailed instructions on how to populate requested information for each technology investment and submit plans.