Collaborative Go-LIVE for Person Data Service and HUIT Salesforce

May 19, 2017

Over the past year, the University Data Services project team and HUIT Salesforce team worked together to develop a solution that would provide better data to ends users. May 16th marked the launch of the pilot go-live for BOTH the Person Data Service and the HUIT Salesforce CRM.
The teams are now delivering up-to-date person data via API to the HUIT Salesforce instance, which can be leveraged by future additional tenants. In order to get to this point, they:

  • Developed a standard, reusable Salesforce data architecture
  • Developed a reusable data model and technical design for the API
  • Jointly developed the end-to-end data service, including documentation
  • Worked with Data Owners (HR/Employee, Student) to gain approval for data use
  • Defined an interim operational support model

Congratulations, and THANK YOU to the dedicated team members who made this all happen – Bill Brickman, Jazahn Clevenger, Imani Harrison, Eric Lee, Sara Luo, Ramya Rajiv, Jon Saperia, Corey Snow, Mike Thomas, and Bruce Tikofsky. This cross-functional team came together to collaborate and innovate in order to develop new and emerging services. The outcome is a strong foundation we will be leveraging and building upon for years to come.
For more information about the HUIT Salesforce services, contact Georgina Prager. To learn more about the Person Data Service, contact Erin Gregory.