FAS UNIX Email System retiring this summer

June 7, 2019

Over the past year, Communication and Collaboration Services has been working with FAS UNIX mailbox owners to remove or move all identified, active mailboxes to other current Harvard email platforms. This summer, the email services from the FAS UNIX system will be retired.

The FAS UNIX email functionality will be removed in two phases:

  • Phase 1

On June 13, the FAS UNIX IMAP servers that allow users to connect their FAS UNIX mail to an email client will be retired and you can expect:

  • No impact because all identified, active mailboxes have been moved to other current Harvard email platforms over the past year.
  • Any forwarding FAS UNIX email accounts that have not yet been moved will remain on the system and continue to forward after June 13. This summer, the Communication and Collaboration Services team will continue to work with these mailbox owners to move their accounts to other current Harvard email platforms.
  • Phase 2

Prior to the Fall Startup, the decommissioning of the FAS UNIX email system will be completed by retiring the SMTP relay servers. Any email traffic will be re-routed to other Harvard SMTP relay servers.

The changes above do not affect Microsoft Office 365, Outlook or Harvard Gmail.

Please share this information with colleagues who may need to be informed of this change. If you have any questions or concerns, contact ithelp@harvard.edu.