Have an API to document?

September 18, 2018
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Do you think the APIs you use or have built could be used by other teams across the University?

Do you ever find yourself wondering if someone else has already built an API you might be looking for? 

Do you wish there was a place where available APIs were documented, so you could discover them yourself? 

The Common API Platform Project isn’t just about building APIs – it’s about enabling Discovering and Understanding them, too. In commitment to making that easier, Collibra – the University data documentation tool – is now set up for documentation of APIs built in any system, not just Mulesoft. 

The goal of the API Catalog is to help business users and technical teams alike discover and understand what data might already be made available in API format. This could drastically reduce the amount of time you spend on a project just getting access to the data you need. But it takes a community to build up the catalog – and that’s where you come in! Document your APIs so other teams can discover them. The more teams contribute to the catalog, the more robust the experience becomes for everyone. 

If you’re interested in documenting your APIs, submit a request to huit-dms-collibra-help@harvard.edu. Or, learn more about Collibra on the IT Help Portal. 

*Special thanks to Patty Hatch and Alison Wellman Smith for their great work to upgrade Collibra and enhance the documentation model so this offering could be made possible!