Enhanced Voice Mail Feature

Message Delivery

Now you can have your voice mail delivered directly to your Harvard email account.  There is no additional cost for this service and it is available to all Harvard voice mail users.  To enable this feature and learn more about the options you have regarding storage of voice mail messages please contact UC Customer Support by email at or call 5-4900.

Checklist for Non-consensual Access to Electronic Information

Under Harvard's Policy on Access to Electronic Information, access to user electronic information without the user's consent must be authorized by an appropriate person, and the scope of access must be minimized to user electronic information that is related to the University’s purpose in obtaining access.

Harvard IT professionals who are asked to access user-information must follow the procedures described below.

Problem Management

HUIT has adopted the Problem Management process for Major Incidents. 

The attached document is the draft Problem Management Process documentation. We shall be rolling out training and issuing communications as the process evolves.

Please contact Steve Rivers of the ITSM team with any questions.