Key Responsibilities

  • Provide leadership and management of all administrative operations
  • Establish and manage professional, high quality, consistent events and communications that properly represent the activities of the UCIO and the new IT organization
  • Recruit, maintain, train and grow a professional and highly talented workforce
  • Create an efficient and professional workspace
  • Establish a centralized process to coordinate and manage vendors across the organization
  • Lead strategic financial planning and related processes
  • Lead transition to new financial guiding principles, frameworks, and processes
  • Oversee development and management of reporting and financial services resources
  • Minimize the University’s financial risk through financial compliance and policy oversight


  • TBD as part of FY17 goal planning.
Our Leadership Team
Stephanie Gumble Managing Director, Administration
Nicole Breen Human Resources Director
Acacia Matheson Senior Communications Officer
Sarah Craig Assistant Director of Business Operations
Penny Kaligian Managing Director, Finance