Audio Conference Calls Scheduled through an Operator

Call Conference America @ 800-925-8000 and provide the following information:

  • Billing telephone number (must be a Harvard telephone number). The total conference call charges are billed to the conference leader's Harvard number.
  • Name & telephone number of the conference call leader.
  • Specific call information.
  • Special requests (e.g. to record or transcribe the call.)
  • Your fax # or email address for confirmation.

Please verify the Harvard Billing number is correct as all charges will bill back to the number you provide.

Please Note: The conference leader is responsible for providing the toll-free access number and passcode to each participant.

*0 will summon an operator to join the call to assist you. 

Calling Rates:

Domestic (USA & Canada) Cost: $.104 / per minute per participant

International: Dial out or Toll-Free

  • Dial-out: Conference America operator dials-out to participants
  • Toll-Free inbound: Participants dial-in to a country specific toll-free number. Not available in all countries. Number will be provided at time call is confirmed. Using a Toll Number is not the same as using a Toll-Free number. With Toll-numbers the participant pays to call from their location to the toll number. Then the conference leader is billed $.104 per minute once the participant dials in to the conference bridge. If you do not want a participant to pay for the call you must do one of the following:
    • International calls: Dial out to participant or obtain an Int’l toll- free number if available. (Dial out is usually less expensive than toll-free)
    • Domestic calls: Always have participants dial-in to the toll-free number.

For country-specific International rates, please see our rates chart. Rates do not include regulatory fees and are subject to change.


  • Total cost of the call, which includes usage & regulatory charges for all of the participants will bill to Conference Leaders Harvard University Phone Number.
  • Call detail is compressed, so amounts appear on the HUIT bill as totals ($’s & minutes. To obtain the detail for a call, please contact HUIT telecom.

For further questions, email or call us at 5-4900