Audio Conference Using Always-On

Always-On is a self-service option for departments and schools that use conferencing services on a regular basis or want 24/7 access. With this option, customers are issued their own specific toll-free number and leader and participant passcodes which will not change or expire.

  • To obtain an account please visit Conference Calling Registration. You will be directed to log in. Upon validation, you will be redirected to the Conference America online sign-up page.
  • Upon completing the online sign-up form, the event leader will receive an email from Conference America with his or her access numbers and leader and participant passcodes, as well as basic instructions. A wallet card will be mailed subsequently with this information for future reference.
  • Once you complete the sign up you, as the event leader, will receive two emails from Conference America. The first is an acknowledgement of your request. The second will contain the access numbers and leader and participant passcodes, as well as basic instructions, which you can use immediately to conduct a conference call. A wallet card will be mailed subsequently with this information for future reference.
  • The Always-On account is automatically assigned 35 lines. For additional lines, whether it's for a one-time occurrence or on an ongoing basis, please contact Conference America directly at 800-925-8000.
  • Always-On provides the conference leader with online tools, which can be used to schedule and manage conference calls and to dial out to international participants. Log on to and click on one of the menu options: Always-On Control or Schedule a Conference. See instructions noted below.

It is the conference leader's responsibility to provide the access number and participant passcode to each participant in advance of the meeting. Leaders, do not give out your leader passcode. Only distribute the participant passcode, as billing will generate every time a leader code is used.

Calling Rates:

Domestic (USA & Canada) Cost: 1.9¢ /per minute per participant.

International: Dial out Toll-Free options are available. For country specific rates on these services, please see our rate list. Rates do not include regulatory fees and are subject to change. 

  • Dial-out: The Always-On Control web tool must be used in order for Always-On International rates to apply, please see Always-On Control Tool Instructions section noted below.
  • Toll-Free inbound: Participants dial-in to a country specific toll-free number. Not available in all countries. Number needs to be obtained from Conference America at 800-925-8000. 

Other Service Rates:

  • Cost To Record: 1.9¢/per minute per participant
  • Cost to Listen to a Recorded Call: 4.9¢ per minute/per participant

If *0 is entered, an operator will come on the call to assist you. 

Using a Toll Number is not the same as using a Toll-Free number. With Toll-numbers, the participant pays to call from their location to the toll number and the conference leader is billed 1.9¢ per minute once the participant dials in to the conference bridge. If you do not want a participant to pay for the call, you must do one of the following:

  • International calls: Dial out to participant or obtain an international toll- free number if available. This service is not available in all countries. Conference leader must call Conference America @ 800-925-8000 to obtain country specific toll-free number prior to scheduled call. (Dial-out rate is usually less expensive.)
  • Domestic calls: Always have participants dial in to the toll-free number associated with your account.


  • The total cost of the call, which includes usage and regulatory charges for all of the participants, will bill to the Conference Leader's Harvard University Phone Number which was entered on the online sign-up form.
  • Call detail is compressed, so amounts appear on the HUIT bill as totals (dollars and minutes). To obtain the detail for a call, please see the To View Call Detail section noted below.
  • There is no monthly fee. You are billed only when you use the service.

To Dial-Out to Participants:

  • Visit to log in. Enter the leader's email address and his or her passcode.
  • Click on the Client Corner tab.
  • Click on Always-On Control.
  • Click on Leader's name next to green arrow.
  • Click on Call Me button. Call will commence when the leader starts the call.
  • Click on Call a Participant button and enter each participant's phone number. They will be dialed out to and then able to join the call.
  • Click on End Conf button to end the call.

Log out of the "Client Corner" page.

To View Call Details:

This feature is only available to Always-On subscribers.

To view your conference call detail for a Conference America Always On account go to the vendor's web site: and select the following options:

  • Click on the Client Corner tab, enter. Login name: “Event Leader”, enter your email address and your Leader Passcode.
  • Click on Conference Cost Manager under the My Reports tab

Then select the following options:

  • Usage Month
  • Service Date
  • Reference No.
  • Check "View Call Participants" to view all participant information for a specific call, including participant dial in phone number, connect/disconnect time and access method.


Only leaders can record a call.

Dial 866-890-3820, enter your leader passcode, and wait until your passcode is confirmed and you’re joined to the conference. Then enter *2, then *1 to begin recording. To end recording, enter *2, then *1 or simply hang up.

Please note: Recordings are saved by date and Central Time. Therefore, when you or your participants enter the system to retrieve the recorded call, make sure to look for the time of call to be 1 hour earlier that actual time recorded.

To listen to a recording:

Dial the Always-On Reply System at 877-919-4059 and enter the passcode of the conference you would like to have replayed. If you offer a replay option, please tell your listeners to use their participant code to retrieve the recording. Never give out your leader passcode. As a leader, you may access the recorded call by entering your leader passcode or your participant code. Follow the prompts in the system to listen to the recorded call.

For further questions, email or call us at 5-4900