Audio Conferencing Using a Harvard Phone

For calls involving only three callers (including the conference leader), the basic Harvard University Centrex three-way calling feature can be used. Please see below for instructions for your line type.


  • While on the first call, press the Conference button (automatically puts call on hold).
  • Dial and establish second call.
  • Press Conference button, which connects all three parties.


  • While on the first call, press the recall, link, or flash.
  • Call the second party. When the second party answers, let them know that you are placing them into conference, then press the recall, link, or flash button again. All three parties will then be in conference.

Calling Rates:

Directly dialed rates apply. For specific rate information please click here


Charges are billed to the Harvard phone number initiating the call and apply to numbers dialed out of the Harvard Centrex .
Please contact customer service at 5-4900 or with any questions on this feature.