Gmail Spam Filtering

How to block a SPAM Message:

The instructions below will help in blocking spam messages.
If you need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact the Service Desk 

1. Sign into your @College or @G Gmail account.

2. Select the checkbox to select the message.

check message


3. On the Gmail mail toolbar click the spam button symbol to Report the message as Spam. Future messages of this type and from the sender will be filtered into the Spam folder.

How to set a SPAM Filter:

1. To block unwanted senders from your @College email address, log into your email by going to:

2. Select and open an email from the unwanted sender.

3. Click on the down arrow and select Filter messages like this.

4. Select Create filter with this search.

5. Check off Delete it.

6. If you would like to remove any existing emails from the sender, select Also apply filters to x matching conversation. Select Create Filter when complete.

You have successfully blocked the sender! If you would like to block additional senders, repeat steps 1-6 of this guide for each address.