HUIT Values

The HUIT values of User-Focused, Collaborative, Innovative and Open are at the very core of our work. These are the shared behaviors and skills that you, the HUIT staff, have said are most valued in your fellow employees, and the most important to our work environment. We hire and recognize those who demonstrate these four values. 

We foster this value by:


We seek out, listen, and respond to our users’ needs

  • Offering quality solutions and being accountable for follow-through
  • Being pro-active, responsive, and empathetic trusted advisors
  • Focusing on services that are most valued by our customers



We work together with our colleagues in a way that leverages and values each other’s expertise and insights


  • Valuing, building and maintaining cross-functional relationships
  • Being inclusive equal contributors who foster and respect new and diverse perspectives
  • Sharing each other’s successes, owning, and learning from mistakes



We encourage and experiment with new ideas, both basic and leading-edge

  • Continuously striving to improve how we work and deliver services
  • Recognizing, embracing and celebrating ideas and new technologies
  • Showing curiosity and a willingness to invest in calculated risks in order to learn and evolve



We act with integrity and practice honest, respectful, two-way communication 

  • Balancing speaking with active listening
  • Feeling free to speak up and contribute to discussions as a way to build mutual trust
  • Proactively giving and receiving positive and constructive feedback