HUIT's Enduring Goal Structure

Service Delivery

Deliver IT services that meet the needs of faculty, students, and staff

1.  Provide operations and support, and grow existing services
2.  Enhance services and service delivery**
3.  Experiment with new service delivery models

Implementation of New Systems

Implement new technology through programs

4. Advance and deliver strategic initiatives through programs
5. Advance and deliver ITCRB projects

Strategies, Planning and Process

Develop IT strategies, plans, and process

6. Develop IT strategic plans
7. Strengthen account management, vendor management, ITSM, and project management processes
8. Address major risk and information security
9. Establish and implement technical architecture standards

HUIT Administration

Create best work environment

10. Foster HUIT values
11. Attract, retain, and develop people
12. Manage finances and develop and simplify financial models
13. Enhance internal and external communications
14. Provide the optimal workspace

* Investments in ongoing operations of current systems, including break fix, life cycle management, routine maintenance, expansions to meet growing demand

** Investments in existing systems for new functionality or higher service levels