Managed Hosting Services


Hosting of customer applications and databases in HUIT Data Centers. Services use industry-standard hardware/operating system technologies and are designed to be secure, highly available (uptime 99% or greater depending on customer-selected service tier), and adaptable to changing requirements.


Allows members of the Harvard community to develop, operate, and maintain applications without incurring the costs and risks of owning and supporting hardware. 

Provides the following tiers of service based upon the needs of the customer and specified in a Service Level Agreement:

Availability Tiers

  • Tier 1: 99.9% – not to exceed 8 hours total per year (avg. two 4-hour events)
  • Tier 2: 99.5% - not to exceed 24 hours per year (avg. bi-monthly 4-hour events)
  • Tier 3: 99.0% - not to exceed 48 hours per year (avg. monthly 4-hour events)

Support Options

  • Full IT support: Includes complete operation and maintenance of servers and operating system, backup and recovery services.
  • Shared IT support. Includes complete operation and maintenance of servers and operating system and backup/recovery services. Customer is responsible for administration and support of application.
  • Basic: Provides server only. Customer responsible for all support.


All Harvard faculty, staff, students, and departments

Other Harvard-affiliated entities