ServiceNow FAQ

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What is the address (URL) for the Harvard ServiceNow site?

What credentials do I use to login to ServiceNow?

Use your HarvardKey Login Name -- the e-mail address you use to login with HarvardKey -- and your HarvardKey password to login to the Harvard ServiceNow site.

Does ServiceNow use the same password as other applications I log in to using my HUID?

Yes, ServiceNow uses HarvardKey -- Harvard's primary authentication system.

Where can I find help information on using ServiceNow?

There are several sources of help including the HUIT ITSM ServiceNow User Guide, the Incident Management Quick Reference for ServiceNow Users and the online ServiceNow wiki, which is accessible from the help (?) icon on any page or by going to

Do I need to use VPN to access ServiceNow?

No. The connection uses SSL to encrypt the data transferred throughout a session.

How do I access ServiceNow from my mobile device?

ServiceNow has released a native iOS and Android Mobile App available in the App or Google Play store.

Alternatively, direct your mobile device’s web browser to

What incident calls, reports or requests should be logged in ServiceNow?

Every one of them. … except “can I borrow your stapler.”

For what do I use a related incident?

When an issue recurs, or has similar nature, you can relate it to other incidents to help those working the incident to quickly diagnose and resolve the issue.

When and how do I relate tickets?

After a ticket is initially entered and saved, the Related Incidents tab will be visible at the bottom of the ticket.  Click the “Edit” button to relate to an existing ticket, or “New” to create a new related ticket.

What is the Watch List and when do I use it?

The Customer Watch List is used whenever an admin or assistant needs to receive customer/external communications about a ticket. 

The IT Watch List may be used to keep internal HUIT personnel apprised of the activity and work on a ticket, and/or otherwise need to receive internal communications on a ticket. 

What queues can I see?

In keeping with the HUIT values of collaboration and openness, users have access to all queues. Users are expected to exercise good judgment in accessing tickets outside their normal sphere of work.

What tickets do I have access to?

In keeping with the HUIT values of collaboration and openness, users have access to all tickets.  Users are expected to exercise good judgment in accessing tickets outside their normal sphere of work.

How do I enter data quickly?

ServiceNow will generally auto-fill user information and priority as you enter partial data in fields. 

If you have a particular type of ticket you work frequently, you may create a template that may be applied to any new ticket. Click the "More Options" button at the top of a ticket to open up the Template Bar. Select the appropriate item from the Templates menu located in the bottom of your browser window.

How do I create and run reports that are relevant to me?

In the left navigation, go to the Reports section, and click on “View/Run”.  You may run one of the many prepared reports, or go to the Global Reports heading and click the “New” button to create a new report.

How do I close a ticket?

ServiceNow will automatically close a ticket 5 business days after it is put in the Resolved state.

What happens when someone responds to an e-mail after the ticked is resolved?

If the user clicks on the link in the e-mail, the ticket will be reopened, and reassigned to the last assignee.

If the user replies to the e-mail, their reply will be routed into a triage/review process to see if the ticket needs to be reopened.

What happens when someone replies to an e-mail after the ticket is closed?

After a ticket is closed, further e-mails are routed into the process for creating new tickets. 

Can I reference a closed ticket?

Closed tickets can be added to a Related Tickets list for a current issue.

Can I reopen a closed ticket?

No. Once a ticket is closed, it cannot be reopened.

How do we handle incorrect user (Customer) information?

The Call back number and Location are editable on the ticket and that information is recorded in the ticket.

To ensure accurate information on future calls, the Service Desk should advise the customer to contact their Human Resources representative to update their information in MIDAS, which feeds the data to ServiceNow.

Where can I record alternate customer information such as alternate e-mail addresses?

To set an additional e-mail address for a particular ticket, we recommend adding the address to the Customer Watch List, which will take arbitrary e-mail addresses.

For a more general and comprehensive solution, see our Tips and Tricks.

Can the Queue Manager change queue membership?

Not directly at this time.  We will inform queue managers when this function is allowed.

Who can change my primary group assignment?

The Service Desk or ITSM team can change primary group assignments.

How can I tell what information is mandatory and what is optional?

Mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk to the left of the filed name.  The asterisk will turn grey as required data is entered.

What information is visible to the Customer?

First of all, always be professional. Treat every field on the ticket should be treated as though it were publicly viewable.

Only the Short Description is automatically sent to the user.

A button is provided that will spawn your e-mail client and autofill …. to facilitate communicating to the customer and the WatchList.

How do I create a User ID for a new user that is not in ServiceNow?

You do not have to.  Upon saving the new user record, the system will create an ID for them – it will concatenate the person’s last name and the date (mmddyy) as the new ID.

What browsers are supported or preferred?

ServiceNow supports the latest version or service pack of:

  • Internet Explorer (9 and up) for Windows
  • Latest public release of Microsoft Edge
  • Production versions of Firefox or Firefox ESR (45.2.0 and up) for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Safari (6.1 and up) for Windows, Mac
  • Production versions of Google Chrome for Windows, Mac

What mobile devices are supported?

ServiceNow supports:

  • Apple® iPhone® or iPod®: Safari is supported for the following devices.
    • All models of iPhone or iPod running iOS7 and above.
  • Android™: Android version 4.0/Ice Cream Sandwich and above. Use the latest available version of Chrome to access the ServiceNow smartphone interface on Android devices. Native browsers and older versions of Chrome support major ServiceNow functionality, but have some known issues.
  • BlackBerry®: All Blackberry devices running Blackberry 10 and above.

What is different between the mobile and desktop versions of ServiceNow?

The smartphone interface supports a limited subset of functionality that enables users to perform common tasks. The following capabilities are not currently supported in mobile browsers, though they may work to varying degrees.

  • Switching to the standard browser interface from the smartphone interface
  • HTML fields
  • Live Feed
  • Collaboration
  • Chat
  • Field styles
  • Visual task boards
  • Timeline visualizations
  • Assessments, surveys, or legacy surveys
  • Automatic creation of time cards
  • Embedded lists
  • Mobile service catalog features
    • order guides
    • wizards
    • content items

What information is available from the Audit Log?

There are several logs of activity and work that allow a user to see various types of information in different ways.  Right-click on the top bar of the ticket to access the Metrics Timeline or History of the ticket.  The Activity log may be seen at the bottom of the ticket.

What search capabilities do I have?

ServiceNow’s search and filtering capabilities are extensive.  Data in all fields may be the basis of searches, filters, and sorting to help find or report upon tickets.

How do I change my e-mail notification preferences?

Click on your name in the upper left hand corner of the page to view your profile.  Then click on “Notification Preferences” in the Related Links section.

Who can designate a VIP?

The Service Desk or ITSM team can designate a VIP, but only with approval from leadership.

How do I print a ticket and what information can be printed?

You may print a ticket by clicking the Settings "gear" icon in the top right hand corner of the ServiceNow banner, select the printer icon in the General tab (Settings > General > Printer Friendly Version). 

This will open a new printer-friendly version in a new window.  All information in the ticket is available for printing, though some portions of the work log may be collapsed by default.

How can I copy a ticket?

You can right click on the ticket header and use 'Copy Incident'

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