Strategy & Planning

Harvard Green IT White Paper, at Las Vegas, Nev., Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Green IT sub-committee composed of key IT and facilities leaders across Harvard is revising key guidelines and recommendations for reducing energy and cutting greenhouse gas emissions from the University’s IT infrastructure. The Green IT sub-committee is co-chaired by Eric D’Souza, Senior Project Manager at Harvard University Information Technology; James Cuff, Director of Research Computing at FAS; and Doug Scatterday, Director of Facilities at HBS.

The results of these findings were presented by Dr. Cuff at the Data Center World conference in Las Vegas,...

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Project Management at Harvard – Roundtable, at 2014 Harvard IT Summit, Thursday, June 5, 2014

Presenters: Tedford Armistead, Managing Director, Strategic IT Initiatives, Harvard University Information Technology
Reena Reddy, Project Manager, Harvard Business School
Bob Capone, Project Manager, Graduate School of Education
Patricia Buickerood, Director of Harvard University Information Technology Program and Project Management

Audience: IT Summit attendees

Overview: In this session, Tedford Armistead of HUIT’s Strategy and Planning office will invite a panel of individuals from across Harvard...

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