Partner Engagement Program: Phase 1 Results, at Harvard Faculty Club, Thursday, January 30, 2014

Presenter: Ryan Frazier, Director, Project Services

Audience: HUIT managing directors, directors, and IT "friends and family"

Overview: Key Outcomes of HUIT Partner Engagement Strategy include supporting our external customers as one organization, delivering a standardized engagement model, and addressing relationships at a strategic level.

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Teaching and Learning Technologies a success!

The recent celebration of commencement at Harvard strikes a chord for TLT as we head into the final month of our program.

In big ways and small, celebration is underway for the achievement of our program goals -- rolling out Canvas, developing LTI tools, extracting Canvas data in support of educational research, cultivating communities of practice. We got a lot done in two years!

With that celebration comes reflection on the work we were able to accomplish with our colleagues across the University in a… Read more about Teaching and Learning Technologies a success!

UX at IQSS, at Lamont Library

Presenter: Elizabeth Quigley, Usability Specialist

Audience: ABCD WWW

Overview: An survey of how user experience planning and testing works at Harvard's Institute for Quantitative Social Science.