Resources for Students

HUIT supports students (primarily in the FAS) in many different ways. Whether it is enabling you to enhance your learning, collaborate with faculty and classmates, or access your email and other accounts, we are here to help you make the most of your academic experience.

IT Services for Students A-Z

@mail.harvard Email


Harvard graduate schools' email with integrated calendar features powered by Google

Campus Licensed Software

Also known as: Adobe, Campus Software, Software Downloads,, Software Licensing.




Eduroam (education roaming) is a secure worldwide federated network access service developed for the international research and education community.  This service provides per-user, per-session encrypted network access for visitors from participating institutions, without the need to gain guest credentials on arrival to an eduroam enabled location.

FAS Mail

Also known as: FAS Exchange, IRIS, EMail.

NOTE: This service has been discontinued for most users. Please visit to learn about HUIT's Office 365 email platform.

Harvard ID (HUID) and HarvardKey

Harvard University ID (HUID) numbers and HarvardKey accounts are administered by HUIT as a secure means of identity authentication to access the Harvard secure network. Your HarvardKey account enables access to a wide range of online applications and services across the University using a single login name and password. You will need to know your HUID in order to claim your HarvardKey

Where Can I Find My HUID Number?

Microsoft Office ProPlus

Also known as: Office 365, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Project, Skype For Business & Access.

Mobile Phone Services

Also known as: Cellular Service, Cell Phone, cellphone, cellphones, Voice Services, BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, PDAs, Cellular Services, Tablets .


HUIT Unified Communications offers managed cellular service plans to take advantage of discounts and flexible contract terms provided by AT&T and Verizon Wireless. Managed plans are available only to Harvard departments.


Also known as: Self-Service Printing/Scanning/Copying, Pharos, PaperCut.




Self-service printing, scanning, and copying


Search and Access to Library Resources


The Harvard Library portal, online library catalog, electronic resource discovery platform, and specialized catalogs for searching and discovering content owned and/or licensed by Harvard Library, as well as open access and other freely available scholarly materials.

Secure File Transfer

Also known as: Accellion, Large File Transfer, Secure File Transfer.


Securely transmit large files to recipients within and outside Harvard.

Security Education


Designs and delivers programs and supports local efforts for increased end user awareness. Components may include online learning modules, presentations, and security product education for faculty, students, staff, and researchers


Also known as: Support for Online Surveys, Quizzes, and Tests.

Common FAQs

How do I change my @College GMAIL display name?

The display name currently shown on your @college GMAIL account is actually determined by your 'Listing Name' in the FAS Directory. As a student, you are able to edit the listing of your first name, for example, if you prefer a shortend version (Matthew to Matt, Daniel to Dan). You can change this information by accessing the directory update tool directly or through My Harvard. Please note the listing name can take 24-48 hours to update. 

  1. Login to my.harvard.eduRead more about How do I change my @College GMAIL display name?

Can FAS account names be changed?

The assigned or chosen FAS account or user name can be changed only under very specific conditions:

  • A misspelled user name resulting from an error in our database.
If, for example, John Harvard was misspelled to jharverd, we would correct the spelling error.
  • A legal name change.
Ensure the change has been made with the appropriate Registrar or Personnel Office before requesting the change to your FAS username.

What determines who is listed in the directory?

The policy is determined by the HUIT Identity and Access Management Product Manager, in conjunction with key stakeholders, such as Registrars and HR.  All active non-temporary employees are eligible to be listed. Some departments will also list non-employee affiliates working as consultants or contractors.  Students who are pursuing a degree or certificate are also eligible by the policies outlined in their local student handbooks.

I want to print from my personal Windows XP computer to my House laser printer. How do I set this up?

How do I update my password for email services on a mobile device?

To update your password on iOS devices (iPad/iPhone)

  • Open "Settings."
  • Select "Mail, Contacts, Calendar."
  • Select your Harvard Exchange account.
  • Select "Account."
  • Select the "Password" field to clear your old password and enter your new password.
  • Select "Done."

To update account settings for an HTC Hero running Android

How do I connect to Harvard wireless?

Supported operating systems:

    • Windows OS
    • Linux
    • Mac OS X
    • iOS
    • Android
    • Other, i.e.: PlayStation

Harvard Secure Wireless

    • Preferred and recommended by HUIT
    • Provides Enhanced Security including Encryption of all Data Exchanged with Your Device
    • Secured by HUID/Password Access
    • Secured by securew2 Supplicant
    • Supports a wide variety of Operating System Platforms
    • Access continues as long as your Harvard login credentials are valid

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