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I am a Harvard College student. Why can't I log into Skype or other Office 365 applications?

As a Harvard College student, your email, calendaring, and social applications are supported by Google. Your account is a Gmail account. It also gives you access to the Google Education Suite, including: Drive, Hangouts, Chats, Calendar, Sites and more. You do not have access to Microsoft Exchange products, which include, Outlook online, Calendar online and Skype for Business. You do have access to most Microsoft products including: SharePoint, Yammer, Microsoft Forms and the Office Online for Education suite.



WebEx is a secure, cloud-based service that allows Web conferencing in a collaborative session sharing audio, video, and the desktop.

Key Features and Benefits

 It allows participants to attend meetings by phone, computer, or via iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices.

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Jabber Video


Cisco Jabber™ Video is an application that extends the reach of video collaboration. 

Key Features and Benefits

Jabber Video works with a compatible PC or Mac and a webcam to provide high-definition video communications. Jabber Video can connect to TelePresence and/or WebEx calls resulting in a wider video reach from your desktop.

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File Shares


Office 365’s powerful cloud-based suite of tools makes it easy to securely share files and collaborate with colleagues across the University and outside of Harvard.

Office 365 will be available University wide, and for the first time, all Harvard faculty and staff will have access to the same email, calendar, and file sharing platform to support and foster collaboration, organization, and efficiency.

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Video Conferencing


Video conferencing uses both audio and video to allow people at different sites to get together over the Internet. This can be a conversation between just two people (point-to-point) or several people at multiple locations (multi-point). Besides just the audio and visual transmission of video conferencing, it can also be used to share documents and display information on your personal computer.  These features allow for improved collaboration, more personal engagement, content sharing and improved productivity all in a video solution.

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How will SharePoint be provisioned and supported?

Who is the service owner of SharePoint?

The SharePoint service is currently managed by HUIT Infrastructure, Unified Communications team.

How will SharePoint accounts be provisioned?

SharePoint credentials will be automatically provisioned for Central Administration, FAS, Divinity, Radcliffe, Graduate School of Education, Graduate School of Design, and Harvard School of Public Health staff and faculty using your current credentials (same that you use for email access). If in the course of collaboration someone from another

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What is the intention and strategy behind SharePoint?

Why is Harvard implementing SharePoint?

We are offering SharePoint as a powerful collaboration service to fulfill part of the University-wide Strategic IT Planning initiative to offer robust collaboration and communications tools to the Harvard community.

What is the relationship between Google Apps and SharePoint?

These are two separate service offerings providing collaboration tools that will be useful to certain audiences at Harvard. They are also being rolled out in parallel.

Why would a client use SharePoint rather than Google Apps or some other

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How does sharing work in and outside Harvard University?

Will users be able to share documents with users outside of Harvard University?

Yes, as long as those users are also SharePoint for Harvard users.

How do I give SharePoint access to a user external to Harvard (non-Harvard faculty or employee)?

For external users who will have an active role in a SharePoint team site or project site, but do not currently have an active role or affiliation with the university, it is recommended that the individual be established as a Person of Interest (POI). In this case, the Site Owner for the

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What does the SharePoint functionality include?

What functionality will be offered as part of SharePoint?

The initial functionality delivered will be out of the box, with no customizations. This approach ensures that the most valuable components of SharePoint are delivered to the widest customer base. The specific functionality to be delivered includes the ability to:

  • Collaborate on documents with others for the purpose of departmental or project work
  • Enable alerts to send notifications when a certain action takes place
  • Automatically manage document versions
  • Allow
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