Technical Services

Services HUIT provides to school IT providers or to each other within HUIT.

File Shares


Office 365’s powerful cloud-based suite of tools makes it easy to securely share files and collaborate with colleagues across the University and outside of Harvard.

Office 365 will be available University wide, and for the first time, all Harvard faculty and staff will have access to the same email, calendar, and file sharing platform to support and foster collaboration, organization, and efficiency.

Video Conferencing


Video conferencing uses both audio and video to allow people at different sites to get together over the Internet. This can be a conversation between just two people (point-to-point) or several people at multiple locations (multi-point). Besides just the audio and visual transmission of video conferencing, it can also be used to share documents and display information on your personal computer.  These features allow for improved collaboration, more personal engagement, content sharing and improved productivity all in a video solution.

Network Strategic Lifecycle Planning


Monitors and plans for the orderly and timely refresh of technology components to keep pace with the state-of-the-art and the technological and capacity needs of a leading institution of higher education and research

Key Features and Benefits

Technology lifecycle planning allows the University to keep pace with and stay ahead of the feature, function, and capacity requirements curve associated with network utilization, availability, and security needs.

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Network Documentation and Training


User and network liaison (netcontact) training for network applications such as VPN, Network (NOC) Portal use, and others supported by Network Services

Key Features and Benefits

Promotes greater understanding and more effective utilization of the University's vast network resources

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Requirements and Limitations

Some services are fee-for-service.

Data and Reporting Services


Centrally maintained administrative data for authorized users in Finance, Human Resources, Research Administration, Student Billing & Loan, Registrar, Alumni, and account and directory systems; Access to transaction data as well as historical data that resides in the Harvard Data Warehouse.

HERS2 Citrix Troubleshooting Guide

HERS2 Looks Frozen

If HERS2 is not responding and does not throw an error, the HERS2 session may have timed out. To resolve this issue, close all HERS2 windows by closing the HERS2 session timeout window. This window may be hidden behind other HERS2 windows.

If you are unable to close the HERS2 Windows you can force a Log Off by opening the Connection Center. Locate your system tray next to the clock find the Citrix Receiver icon:

MIDAS and Person of Interest (POI) Identities

Find materials here for HR professionals and people administrators using the MIDAS application or working with persons-of-interest (POI) identities. MIDAS is the online application for managing identity data at Harvard University. Users perform a range of business functions, including looking up people to verify affiliation, updating contact or privacy data, and getting ID numbers for Library Borrowers or other people with POI roles, such as consultant or contractor.

Server Monitoring and Support


Provides electronic monitoring of virtual and physical servers and response to service interruptions or degradation


  • Works with notification/alert system to ensure high-availability service.
  • Monitoring may include basic system up/down monitoring, performance/response time monitoring, operating metrics reporting, and more.


All Harvard faculty, staff, students, and departments
Other Harvard-affiliated entities