Buy or Lease Computers

Also known as: Computer Purchasing, Computer Leasing, Universal Desktop, FAS Refresh.


HUIT offers a range of services for acquiring computers and peripherals from the University.

  • Harvard affiliated individuals and Departments can purchase computers, tablets, software and accessories
  • The FAS Refresh program advises FAS Departments, Centers and Institutes on computer choices, procures computers, and provides a rolling upgrade program to ensure hardware stays current
  • Customers of Central Administration can contact the Service Desk for guidance on computer refresh programs
  • For personal use, computers, peripherals and accessories can be purchased at academic pricing direct from AppleDell and GovConnection.

Key Features and Benefits

FAS Refresh and CA Hardware Services

  • Allows departments to plan and manage the hardware replacement process to fit with seasonal activity and budget cycles
  • Ensures a consistent and current hardware and software standard for all users in a department

Last Updated: October 29th, 2014