Computer Refresh (Procurement)

Also known as: Universal Desktop, UD, FAS Refresh, Computer Purchasing.



FAS Refresh is an FAS program created to replace older office computers with upgraded, secure, high-performance desktop and laptop computers.

Key Features and Benefits


FAS Refresh replaces eligible computers on a rotating four-year basis. This replacement policy ensures that faculty and staff always have adequate computing power, that the latest security measures are always implemented, and that HUIT is able to provide the highest quality service.

The program provides immediate benefits by equipping eligible FAS faculty and staff with tested, predictable, and reliable hardware and software configurations resulting in computers that are easier to use and to support. Removing older, outdated equipment from the network also reduces the overall cost of desktop support and maintenance.

    • To see the computers available through the FAS Refresh Program, go to Computer Standards.
    • Click the “Get This Service” link on this page  if you have questions about the FAS Refresh Program, would like to know more about the computers or need to request a computer for an eligible staff or faculty member.


Last Updated: February 17, 2015