Emergency Phones

Also known as: Emergency Messaging and Services, Blue Light Phones.


HUIT – Telecom Operations provides provisioning, administration, and support for a variety of emergency communication devices throughout the University. These devices provide emergency call-in to Campus Police and other safety and emergency services via phones, alarms, and panic buttons distributed throughout campus.  HUIT-Telecom Operations coordinates with all stakeholders including, customer, HUPD, University Disabilities Services, and associated vendors for the proper connectivity and/or installation of these devices.

To order this service, please contact Telecom Services.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Blue Light/Emergency phones are designed for high visibility and allow quick emergency access to HUPD dispatch, non-emergency parking garage operations, or other locations on campus and in some cases local E911 public safety answering points (PSAP). See Blue Light/Emergency Phones Guidelines under Related Documents
  • Burglar Alarms/Panic Button for high-risk locations and personal protection
  • Other Emergency Services include fire alarm circuits, cellular devices, and satellite phones

Available To

All Schools and Departments University-wide

Requirements and Limitations

Customers are responsible for:

  • Determining needs for equipment/services
  • Contacting Telecom Operations at 5-4900 to request service
  • Authorizing work and associated costs
  • Reporting outages


The cost of emergency communications devices varies significantly.  All installations are different and many require a site visit to determine specific need.  Pricing is based on the following components

  • Phone Line/Equipment
  • Wiring for telephone line
  • Wiring for electrical power
  • Trenching for outdoor installations
  • Installation Labor
  • Vendor costs

Last Updated: June 12th, 2013