Google Apps for Harvard

Also known as: Google Apps, Google Apps for EDU , Google Apps for Education, Google Sites , Google Docs, Google Drive, Gmail.


Google Apps for Harvard provides suite of online tools for collaboration and communication, for use in confidential teaching, learning and research. With it, you can collaborate on word-processing and spreadsheet documents, conduct live online chats with members of the Harvard community, create simple websites, and more.

For more information on how to get a g.harvard account go to

SEAS faculty should contact the HUIT Service Desk for account creation: or 617-495-7777

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Key Features and Benefits 

Google Apps for Harvard suite includes:

  • Google Drive: Create and share documents, spreadsheets, drawings, and presentations
  • Google Calendar:  Create and share calendars with collaboration inside or outside Harvard University
  • Google Sites: Create websites using simple tools and publish them via Google
  • Google Video: Store, search, and watch video content for use in teaching and research
  • Google Groups: tool that allows students, teachers and administrators to discuss common interests, conduct research (non-HRCI) create online and email-based groups, create collaborative inboxes, and more

Some of the benefits include:

  • Access: Easily control who can view or edit your documents
  • Version control: Centrally managed documents and information to reduce the risk of duplicated work and lapses in communication
  • Protection: Harvard’s contract with Google prevents the company from showing advertisements to users and using content kept in Google Apps for any other purpose (such as data mining).

Last Updated: August 19th, 2013