Harvard Cloud Services

Also known as: Amazon, AWS, Amazon Web Services, Elastic Compute Cloud, EC2, Simple Storage Service, S3.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Harvard is the first deliverable of the Harvard Cloud & DevOps Program and provides a framework for accessing Amazon Web Services. AWS was selected as the anchor provider because of its significant user base in the Harvard Community and its prominence in the public cloud services market. Harvard has recently signed an enterprise-wide agreement with Amazon to provide cloud-based services to the Harvard community and to deliver a simple and efficient process to procure services in the “Cloud” at the most economical rate for Schools and Departments. 

In the future, these capabilities may be extended to include other public cloud service providers (such as Google, Azure, or RackSpace) and internally built private cloud services based on user requirements and customer needs.


General purpose computing and development at Harvard - Initially for Dev/Test, Greenfield Applications and areas with minimal security concerns (e.g.; NO HRCI or Confidential Data).

Key Features and Benefits 



Last Updated: October 25th, 2013